Hunting Opportunities

Hunting for elk, deer, turkey and pheasant.

Plenty of Choices

The Pompeys Pillar area of central Montana is renowned for its hunting and fishing opportunities in both the Bull Mountains and Pine Ridge.  This Ranch in particular creates a very unique and thriving environment for wildlife species of many kinds.  With a diverse range of ecosystems and varying topography, the Ranch stretches from the banks of the Yellowstone River up into the breaking hills of the Pine Ridge. 

Bald Eagles, Ducks, Sand hill Cranes, waterfowl

River Bottom & Irrigated Crop Land

Down along the banks of the Yellowstone you will find hundreds of acres of cottonwood forests, willow thickets, Russian olives, and tall native grasses teaming to create an ideal habitat for trophy Whitetail Deer.  In addition, the adjacent irrigated fields create a frequent pit stop for migrating waterfowl along Montana's central flyway.  Robust populations of wild pheasant and turkey are also found here.  A great variety of hawks, golden and bald eagles are regular residents of the area, along with Sandhill Cranes, Great Blue Herons, and other birds that call this area home for part of the year.  

Hill and Pine Country

Located within a region of Montana rumored to harbor some of the states best genetic elk herds; seeing bulls in the high 300" and low 400" class in not uncommon.  Having never been outfitted, the ranch offers an unspoiled opportunity at legitimate trophy elk, mule deer, and pronghorn.  The sellers of this property have taken great pride in providing wild and natural habitat, as well as sanctuary for large game animals culling mostly cow elk, and small bucks during hunting seasons.  The higher portions of the ranch have become a frequent haven for mature bull elk, and mule deer.  Topographically the ranch is unique from many ranches in the region.  Sand Creek runs directly through parts of this holding, coupled with several surface wells and springs.  This ranch has the water, grass, cover, and travel corridors to support the large populations of game mentioned.  This ranch also qualifies for Land Owner Preference tags per Montana Hunting Regulations.